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Feb 27, 2014 7:00pm PST
show said and done for moscow to make this a lot of the moscow based council on foreign and defense policy thank you for joining us again. the postman pat today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are packed and two for today. let's go straight to the crimean the province there in the capital and douglas herbert of what is the latest at this point. ok one thing us why if you're not an ethnic russian or you're not a russian speaker. it's a pretty intimidating mood tonight you know one of the walking too much around the streets at least in the center of central pole essentially right now rusted phones the russian speakers up and dominate today are in control of the center of the city in control in the sense that you do not see any ukrainian from the street i've not seen any top cars on the streets which we saw thousands of them yesterday during those of skirmishes and from the parliament they've been practically invisible from the center of the city. we've had in their places to wrap it to a large contingent of russian speakers to writing from various parts of this pr
Mar 5, 2014 7:00pm PST
up today and a group of people from that my dad itself the defense of those people who are in favor of ousting of president of the conviction and faith at all but the new government's guidance to defend the regional administration building against a possible attack by pro russians began to progress a demonstration with only a few dozen strong i did state that the polenta down the road from the regional administration building outside the mayor's office assigned to a defense to rival demonstrations but they stayed very very far out and that everything remained a pretty calm separated the two is a place that people are saying is that maybe a place to watch because it's on the city of strategic importance to its eight hundred thousand population and it's got huge high chair and sit down and the supposedly controls but the war and gas supplies to southern ukraine and friday at you. it is that with us to today said that ukraine would never dream of cutting off supplies in order to spite the russians are taken into trying it because because it was a ukrainian citizens so much. and all of
Feb 26, 2014 7:00pm PST
chief. staying on as defense minister at least in some electoral law has been packed. confusion reigns any tips off to the premise that even when not have announced many of the previous cabinet ministers will stain and chilled. it was still think resigned on monday to announce on the chief of the fact that she see a clear run at the presidency the heat to beat this thing in his pants. he would have to resign from the covenants in order to run. c t scan to see if the expected for months. this is the snow puppy actress award in his face popped up on everything from commemorative for tasty chocolates. to supporters that the muslim brotherhood peace thus the mind behind it to you that through our democratically elected governments. and then to let the state crackdown. liberal egyptians also see that he could become a new mid back amato. we once again the rules of the personality you will now be held accountable for his actions wilkie be placed above pool and the constitution isn't ancient here when you bring in someone eucharist opposition. it just might send movements which was tru
Feb 25, 2014 7:00pm PST
prison. i danced and the defense question regarding be the peace offering and in the negotiations. the reason that anyone should be reminded they had found that a democratic institution of the constitution was established by a consensus at smb which is the most connected to or a way of actual jousting competition into a more democratic princes and the french constitution which gives enormous powers to the president and has no sort of counter power possibly for the national assembly or less and less the people to hand it to haul the president accountable. venezuela has been up to the medication causes which means its seats in may the pressing you i mean it would be crazy and we would be very happy to have an account changes in venezuela and the more than five hundred people behind bars for those people be let out of jail. i have been in the sun maybe others know that me and as i was going on it leads even if violence the basic is a country where the news that the democratic means of being in opposition exists after the opposition maybe the day at the end two thousand and four. without t
Mar 3, 2014 7:00pm PST
saying purcell as for the ultimatum the ad the russian defense ministry and this is now according to russian media sources of calling it utter nonsense you know the year the regional talk of this ultimatum was i a russian news agency report. interfax cited someone close to the ukrainian defense ministry. it was hearsay based on hearsay based on hearsay. you have to take everything very prudently in a story like this on a lot of the russian news agencies in particular have the most to you you almost feel like you can use to tyneside as sounding boards to lead to float. sometimes you know rumors and theories. suppose the facts that turned out to be on refuted afterwards of what i can tell you is the situation the past couple of days here from where we are in the administrative capital of the crime yes in pro ball has been really extraordinary on and surreal at the same time. um it's not a classic coup d'etat in the sense of personal coup d'etat czar typically internal affairs states again states. this is it's basically green men in camouflage uniforms who as i actually now have their o
Mar 4, 2014 7:00pm PST
lashes out of the west stands by what he calls a legitimate defense russia's interests front of the first remarks since the ouster of ukraine's president of moscow's use to you. ukrainian cancel out the specific afp us secretary of state calls russia stands an act of aggression. he's worried about things for them dressed in eastern ukraine washington back in the ukrainian authorities to the billion dollar aid. and in other news cairo bands hamas has activities on so well this is the head of egypt's on the drops his strongest hint yet that is running for prez. all are sure has put a military maneuvers across its border on hold. there's been the first talks between unity government says ukraine and russia high level contacts the announcement coming by ukraine's prime minister art sydney. he gets a new hours after a surprise press conference by vladimir putin the russian president's first pronouncements since the pair were twenty second ouster of ukraine's president viktor yanukovich. they use in weekend that preceded the smallest especially the eastern regions of ukraine and people th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6